It’s Fun, Quirky and Welcoming

13 Suites with a Chic Touch

8/10 Location, Style and Character
Vintage Fifties, Sixties and Seventies style interiors in this Boutique Hotel on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Fun and original furniture designs warm the ambiance and give the 13 Suites a chic touch. There's also a swimming pool, private beach, and water sports center.

It is fun, quirky and cozy, with lively touches and a strong character.

9/10 Facility and Services
Federica and Uberto, the owners, are an affable couple and give the place a cozy and familiar air. The young staff members are also very friendly, warmly welcoming guests at check in and escorting them to their rooms. Facilities are of a high standard, a quiet swimming pool tucked away at the back of the garden, a private beach with sun loungers, and a water sports center offering all kinds of activities including kayaking, SUP, Wakeboarding, Tubing, and Jet Ski (this is the only licensed jet-ski center on the lake). The hotel also has two speedboats, a great way to explore the sights of Lake Como.