Taste the real Italian Cuisine

An experiential journey among the flavors of the Larian tradition and the most exclusive locations of Lake Como.

Domus Plinii offers its Guests the opportunity to live a unique and extraordinary gastronomic experience in the most authentic restaurants scattered on Lake Como shores. We carefully selected ancient Taverns and Gourmet Restaurants for an incomparable taste experience. Each Tasting Experience is a journey into flavors, tailor-made to guide the Guest to discover the ancient traditions and the most innovative cuisines of Lake Como, with the use of native raw materials to create over a hundred years old recipes and authentic flavors.

Antica Molina

Trattoria Da Pippi

Osteria Dal Pain

Gourmet Cuisine

The cuisine of our region has become gourmet.

Lombardy offers traditional dishes linked to the historicity of the area which, developing from the lake to the mountain communities, has enhanced over time ingredients and preparations with local products.
Lake, hills and mountains are custodians of rich and genuine gastronomic traditions, many are still local producers of typical products.
Domus Plinii offers its Guests a selection of restaurants that fully express the gastronomic values of the area, loyalty to tradition, interpretation and innovation of the best Chefs on Lake Como.






Berton Al Lago




La Tirlindana


Villa Lario

Il Crotto dei Platani

The Locations

Discover the beauty of Lake Como

Breathtaking panoramas, luxurious villas with stunning views, and refreshing swims in the serene waters await you. It's the perfect destination for couples seeking romantic experiences, with its combination of nature, quaint country villages, and beautiful views of the lake. Indulge in the culinary delicacies of the region while enjoying the unique outdoor terraces of the renowned restaurants in Lake Como.