Domus Plinii

Your Exclusive Lake Como Experience

As our guest, we would like to ensure you experience the very best possible levels of comfort and privileges during your stay at Domus Plinii Luxury Boutique Resort.
It includes, for example, in-suite breakfast, late check-outs, free access to the pool and private beach.

Not over, if you desire a unique travel experience, we'll be more than willing to arrange exclusive services for you:
a session with a personal shopper in Milan; heli-tour to discover uniqueness on northern Italy cities; cooking lessons with a personal chef; private tours aboard original Riva Boat to explore Lake Como, private watersports lessons, and much more besides.

All these exclusive experience because if you choose Domus Plinii as your Luxury Boutique Resort on Lake Como, we consider it our responsibility to let you live the best possible travel experience right from the start, up until the moment you return home.

Unrepeatable experiences to keep jealously in your memories