Riva Boat

Riva Is Designed To Dream

Riva is not just a boat for getting around on Lake Como.
Riva is designed to dream. The Rivas bear witness to a unique way of experiencing the Lake and boating, with a tradition rooted in the late 1700s. Every experience has a unique and timeless flavor aboard these luxurious historic boats. Riva boats can be rented with a driver and are perfect for on-board aperitifs, private parties, and group tours.

Ask the Reception to organize a transfer or plan your lake tour on a Riva Boat.

Type Of Riva Boats


Tritone is the first Riva equipped with two Cadillac engines and is also the rarest as it has a "little garden", a luxurious integrated sundeck. It is one of only 8 models ever made with this detail, and today there are even fewer of them. The Tritone is one of the most famous models, also considered the most beautiful Riva boat of all time.

Passengers on board: 6 max


Super Florida

This boat is named after the American state and is known for its impressive engine. And if you want even more power, the Super Florida is an excellent choice. It's a larger version of the classic Florida with an even more powerful engine. If you're looking for a longer boat, the Sebino is a great option. Choose the Florida, Super Florida, or Sebino for a thrilling and unforgettable ride on the water.

Passengers onboard: 2 max

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