Domus Plinii 1792 Suites

The Perfect Slalom

Faggeto Lario boasts perfect water condition, as the spot is located in a Lake bay that softens boat waves.
The ideal place and the perfect gym to practice Water Ski, from the beginner to the expert professional.

As a Water Experience Center partner, we can organize you memorable Water Ski sessions right in front of Domus Plinii.

WEC is provided with couples of skis for beginners, as well as monoski for the most experienced skiers. The motorboat used to practice is a model dedicated to Water Ski, perfect to learn or to test yourself in the perfect slalom.
WEC is also provided with all the security and technical equipment, as well as the necessary clothing to practice.

Ask Domus Plinii staff to verify availability, we will organize you an unforgettable ski.

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