Domus Plinii 1792 Suites

Wakeboard, the Perfect Session

Are you an exceptional Wakeboarder, an enthusiastic or do you simply want to approach the sport?

At Domus Plinii and his partner, the Water Experience Center, you have the chance of practicing or learning in the best possible conditions.
We have at our disposal a professional motorboat creating the perfect wave to practice Wakeboard. It is provided with a high tower with rollbar, flap and ballast, to create impeccable conditions to practice.

The Spot in Faggeto Lario always offers flat water conditions, perfect to learn or try the most aggressive tricks you never dared to experiment.

Ask Domus Plinii staff to book a Wakeboard session for you, we leave the rest in your hands and the table!
All necessary material to practice Wakeboard is available at WEC center.

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