Domus Plinii

Entertainment, Sport, and Adrenaline...

Faggeto Lario boasts a strategic position to practice nautical disciplines, as it is enclosed in a Lake bay by the promontory of Torno, and always offers flat water conditions, ideal for water sports.

The crystal clear waters extending in front of the Domus are perfect to practice water sports.

Opposite to Domus Plinii, the Lake is a big outdoor gym allowing athletes to practice their favorite discipline, offering everyone the occasion of enjoying the Lake from a unique location.

It is possible to rent Jet Ski, Sup and Kayak directly at the Domus. Do not lose the chance of sailing at the discovery of enchanting views, breathtaking villas and ancient villages raising on Lake Como shores. For those who wish to feel the adrenaline of Water Ski or Wakeboard, two motorboats and the instructors are always ready to make you live an unparalleled session.

Our Playground

Water Sports

Jet Ski and Watercraft

Thanks to our partner, the Water Experience Center [WEC], we rent Jet Skis directly in front of Domus Plinii, a too good opportunity to miss for those who want to navigate Lake Como with an adventurous spirit and a bit of adrenaline. In order to rent Jet Skis and Watercraft, it is required to hold a boating license.


Are you a Wakeboard lover or do you desire to approach the discipline? Ask our staff for information, a WEC instructor and an equipped motorboat are always ready for you to start your practice.

Water Sports
Water Sports


Have you ever tried the thrill of surfing motorboat waves, just like a real surfer? Ask further information to our Domus Plinii desk, an instructor from Water Experience Center will be ready to guide you at the discovery of Wakesurf.

Water Ski

The bests water conditions across Lake Como and a natural amphitheater are the ideal backgrounds to practice Water Ski during your stay.
Ask for information to Domus Plinii staff to organize the perfect Water Ski session with WEC instructors.

Water Sports
Water Sports


Suitable for the whole family, Kayak is the perfect discipline to practice on Lake Como at the discovery of its shores, coves and the small villages overlooking it.
WEC is provided with single and triple Kayak, to let you enjoy an entertaining day in touch with nature.

Stand Up Paddle [SUP]

Balance, harmony, and synchrony are the elements of Stand Up Paddle practice. Whether you are a professional or you wish to approach the discipline, Water Experience Center instructors are at your disposal, as well as the perfect equipment for all ability levels.
Wander around in SUP in the bests conditions at Domus Plinii.

Water Sports
Water Sports


Irresistible for both children and adults! Being towed by a motorboat on a kneeboard is pure fun.
Gliding and bouncing on Lake Como waters, assisted by the staff of our Center [WEC], is an invaluable experience.