Domus Plinii 1792 Suites

Lake Transfer & Boat Tour

The inimitable charm and comfort of moving around Lake Como on board a motorboat directly from Domus Plinii.
Transfer and Boat Tour services are available everyday from 09.00 to 00.00.

Boarding is directly in front of the Resort.
Ask our Reception to organize a transfer or plan a Private Tour for you.

Mastercraft X30

Sport motorboat with inimitable comfort, equipped with sun canopy, WI-FI on board, Bluetooth audio system and minibar.

Performance: 380HP, 45Mph | Capacity: 10 People | Price: 3,50 €/Min | 210 €/H

Boat Transfer


Sporty, versatile and handy motorboat. It is equipped with sun canopy and Bluetooth audio system.

Performance: 220HP, 40Mph | Capacity: 6 People | Price: 3,00 €/Min | 180 €/H

Boat Transfer Fares

Boat Transfer

Restaurant Boat Transfer Fares

Boat Transfer