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La Preséf Restaurant

The Restaurant La Preséf originates from the Agritourism La Fiorida, surrounded by nature among the farm, the vegetable garden, the vineyard and the cheese factory; here is where is born the rooting to the territory and the naturalness of raw materials.
The main ingredient of La Preséf, with its Michelin star, is the ancient culture and the traditions linked to the territory. The great love for animals, land and Valtellina tradition emerges from the extraordinary products, particularly the dairy products that have a key role in the menu of La Preséf.
A true experience in touch with nature, delighted by the enchanting panorama only Valtellina mountains can donate. In Valtellina dialect, La Preséf means “the trough”, a magical location where you breathe clean air and smell tradition, besides tasting modern dishes and new flavors.

Please ask Domus Plinii staff for further information; we will gladly check the reservation availability at La Preséf.

1. The Chefs
Gianni Tarabini & Franco Aliberti
The Chefs are two food artisans, linked by a great love for quality raw materials and the daily enthusiasm to always create something new; this passion, united with mutual esteem and friendship, make the Chefs a perfect team. They define La Presèf as the “restaurant of emotions”. Genuineness and territory are the pillars of La Preséf kitchen; their supply chain is more than farm-to-table, as La Fiorida is their pantry, with all its excellent products.
2. The Wine
The precious wine cellar of La Preséf keeps an exceptional selection of local wines.
Impossible not to notice the wide terracing obtained from the stone of the Rhaetian Alps, where the Nebbiolo vines grow, producing a wine that is also called Chiavennasca in Valtellina. These vines are called heroic, as they have been growing grasped to stone for millenniums.
In La Preséf the Sommelier will recommend you the perfect wine to taste alongside with chosen dishes.
La Preséf
La Preséf
La Preséf


Open from Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch: from 12.15 to 14.00, guests can take a seat until 13.45.
Dinner: from 19.15 to 21.30, guests can take a seat until 21.15.

Heli Transfer

The Restaurant is 35 minutes by helicopter from Domus Plinii. Domus Plinii Staff will gladly reserve your table and organize the heli-transfer.
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