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Berton al Lago Restaurant

The restaurant Berton al Lago bears the same name of the Michelin-starred chef Andrea Berton, who arrives on Lake Como with his modern and refined cuisine.
The restaurant enjoys from a marvelous view; a wide terrace and a platform erected right above the Lake water donate a beautiful natural sunlight until evening in the summer season. It is a warm and welcoming environment, characterized by the modern design and by its materials expressing a strong connection to nature.
The polished atmosphere of Berton al Lago makes it the ideal location for a romantic evening, or if you wish to spend a night out in the company of your friends.

If you are interested in further information, please ask Domus Plinii staff; we will be glad to verify for you the possibility of making a reservation at Berton al Lago.

1. The Menù
The land surrounding Lake Como is rich in culinary tradition; it distinguishes by its privileged position, as it is enclosed between the Valtellina mountains and the vast Po valley, both centers of excellence in the production of exquisite cheese, cold cuts, rice, and wine.
Food raw materials of great quality and the expert guidance of Chef Berton give Berton al Lago a refined menu that mirrors the essence of the Lake and of modern Italian cuisine.
2. The Chef
Chef Andrea Berton has been working in the catering industry for over 27 years, achieving four Michelin stars in his career. He is the expert and attentive guide of Berton al Lago, where he designated Raffaele Lenzi as master Chef after he collaborated for years with several star Chefs.
Chef Raffaele Lenzi, with his exceptional technique, before accepting the role of Master Chef at Berton al Lago, worked in the best kitchens in the world.
Berton al Lago
Berton al Lago
Berton al Lago


Berton al Lago is open every day. Lunch and dinner are served poolside or on the wonderful Lake view terraces, enjoying from natural sunlight until 10.00 pm during the summer season.

Lake Transfer

The Restaurant is approximately 10 minutes by Lake from Domus Plinii. Domus Plinii Staff will gladly reserve your table and organize the speedboat transfer.
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