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Cooking is Poetry

The Personal Chef is a cuddle, a personalized service tailored to the Guest.

Chef Luca Robledo, after years of experience in the best restaurants in Como, turned his passion into his job. Now he passionately devoted himself to the art of cooking with a precise purpose: to excite, retracing and revisiting the dishes that have made the history of traditional Italian cuisine.
Domus Plinii guests will be protagonists to an unparalleled tasting experience directly in their Suite. A romantic dinner or something to celebrate a special day, a cooking session or a show cooking; diners will be guided by their senses through an exclusive gastronomical itinerary, tasting dishes able to arouse memories and give emotions.

Thanks to the valuable collaboration with some of the best Chefs from Como, Domus Plinii organizes Pool Parties, private Beach Parties, Show Cooking, and personalized Cooking Classes.

For further information and reservations please contact the Domus Plinii Staff.

Menu Proposals

Starting from € 100,00 per person

"You always cook thinking about someone,
otherwise you are just preparing something to eat”

1. The Menu
The menu is completely personalizable and boasts a clear philosophy: enhancing Italian culinary tradition and keeping it alive, revisiting historical dishes with a modern interpretation. A new way to imagine and present the plate arises, despite keeping the taste unchanged. This is the origin of Carbonara 2.0, modern Parmigiana and broken down Tiramisu.
2. The Chef
After years of training with skilled chefs in the bests Como restaurants, Chef Luca Robledo now dedicates his soul and body to the activity of Personal Chef.
In love with good food and genuine tastes, he spends his days researching and selecting seasonal high-quality products, as well as preparing refined courses looked after to the last detail.
Personal Chef
Personal Chef
Personal Chef

Dinner & Private Events

Personal Chef Luca Robledo is available every day for in-Suite Dinner, Private Parties and Cooking Classes.
The menu choice is fully customizable. Guests lead the experience and are free in their choice of preferences.


Guests will just have to sit at the table and enjoy the experience. The Chef will take care of everything concerning the dinner or the event, from the ingredients selection to the tidying up of the kitchen.