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Your exclusive Experience on Lake Como

For centuries, Lake Como has seduced visitors with its natural beauty and breathtaking views of the Southern Italian Alps.

Domus Plinii offers 3 experiential tours to let you explore Lake Como from a unique perspective: the Water.

Itineraries are designed to discover the landscapes, joined with the culture and tradition of the lake.
The Tours can take place aboard our Motorboats accompanied by a pilot of our Crew, or in full autonomy aboard one of our Boats for Rent.

Each tour can be customized in every detail to create your personal travel memoir.

Boat Tour

Orrido di Nesso: the Waterfall Tour

Tour duration: 1,5 h | Tour rate: € 330,00

A 1 hour and a half tour to discover the treasures that Lake Como holds in the stretch that goes from Faggeto Lario to the "Orrido di Nesso".

Sailing northwards, you will reach the Orrido di Nesso waterfall, one of the most suggestive places of Lake Como, framed by the bridge of Romanesque origins. A 30-minutes stop to take a dive and some shots at the waterfall, the roman bridge, and the picturesque colored houses as a frame.

The tour continues south to reach Villa Oleandra [home of George Clooney and Amal] and some of the most luxurious hotels on the lake; a short stop to admire the picturesque village of Torno and finally reach the majestic Villa Pliniana.

Bellagio: the Pearl of Lake Como

Tour duration: 2,5 h | Tour rate: € 550,00

2 hours and a half tour to discover "the Pearl of Lake Como": Bellagio

Sailing northwards, you will reach the Orrido di Nesso waterfall; you will continue your cruising toward the famous villas that stand out on the western shore of Lake Como: Villa del Balbianello, Villa La Cassinella, and Villa Carlotta. Reaching Bellagio, the pearl of Lake Como, the navigation will allow you to enjoy the view of Villa Serbelloni, the village of Pescallo, and Villa Melzi with its lush gardens.

The tour continues to the Comacina Island, Villa Oleandra [home of George Clooney and Amal], and the other historic villas set along the shores of the lake.

The cruise concludes with a stop in the shadow of the majestic Villa Pliniana.

Boat Tour
Boat Tour

La Dolce Vita Tour

Tour duration : 4 h | Tour rate: € 880,00

A journey to discover the very essence of Lake Como.

Half a day to discover the villages and the most picturesque views of the lake; the thrill of sailing from Como to Bellagio to discover waterfalls, majestic villas, and unspoiled natural areas.

We will sail southward along the coast to admire the villas that the lake guards in the stretch from Como to Faggeto Lario: Villa Olmo, Villa Erba, Villa d'Este, Villa Pizzo and Villa ex Versace, Villa Oleandra and then go up to Comacina Island and the famous Villa del Balbianello; continue to Villa Carlotta until you reach Bellagio and admire the lush gardens of Villa Melzi.

A stop at the Orrido di Nesso waterfall is a must, to plunge into the lakes waters and dive from the Roman bridge. The tour ends with a stop in the shadow of the majestic Villa Pliniana.