Domus Plinii 1792 Suites

Concept, Restoration, Atmosphere

Our aim was to transform the settings, completely restored in the ‘80s by the architect Caccia Dominioni, into more modern, emotionally attractive suites.

The selected flooring material for kitchens and bathrooms is a local stone, called Ceppo Lombardo, matched with natural durmast parquet in the living and sleeping quarters, and with rectangular white tiles for bathrooms covering.

The clean, simple, and elegant image of a neutral and shapeable container.

We wanted to donate a precise personality to the new image, something strongly reshaping the preexistent apartments turning them into charming Suites. Color played a fundamental role: intense, pasty, enveloping and matching one to another, always paired with geometric patterns ton sur ton or in clear contrast. Each of the twelve Suites has a different combination between color and wallpaper, lending a precise personality to each of them, from the elegant camaïeu in shades of green, to the psychedelic ’70 pattern, passing from azure and blue tones to hues of orange and violet. However, color alone is not enough, the need for interpretation arises, the need for a style. It is freely inspired by the ’60, the aesthetic serving as fil rouge to connect all the apartments. The most significant furniture elements like sideboards, tables, bookcases, and chairs are original vintage; all of them are unique pieces resulting from a passionate and devoted research.

Charm and personality are the adjectives that best match with the final restoration and restyling result.

Project by the Architects Carlo Bignami, Marina Marsich, Fiorenza Stringa, with
Ariela Goggi as Creative Advisor.